What’s The Best Job Search Site?

You have gone through our process and decided that, yes, as a teenager, it is time for you to make up to save some money (to help your family, to go to college, or to save for a car right?).  You are pumped up and excited to join the working world part-time, and are ready and raring to go.  Now you just have to find that job willing to hire a 17 year old!  Don’t worry, there are plenty, and your job is easier than ever.  The Internet has changed forever how people look for and vet jobs, and this article will walk you through the best of the bunch.  Here are the best job search sites:

First, if you’re looking for jobs for teenagers, we do have a page on this site that host up to date, aggregated job postings.  We however don’t list these jobs, we use a third part service from Indeed.com.  You can always check with our site or go directly to there’s to see some great up to date opportunities.  Indeed claims to have over 1 billion job searches per month.

Here are the other best sites, in order of our objective view of best to worst.

As we’ve said before, lots of times teenagers should simply walk around to some local businesses that they like, where the teen thinks they could provide some value, and ask to speak with a manager.  The manager can then tell them if the business is hiring or not, and talk them through the process.  For teens looking for part-time job opportunities, this is far and away the scenario that leads them to be most likely to actually find work.  Job search sites, especially Monster.com, are notorious for having hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of applicants for specific jobs.

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