What Not To Put On A Resume

Having an up to date, well prepared resume is crucial for any 17 year old looking to find a good job.  If a potential employeer asks for a resume, but you don’t have one, you’ll look both immature and unprepared.  The second worst thing to not having a resume at all is having any of these five things on your resume.  Do any of the below at your own risk!  To look professional, get the interview, then get a job as a young and inexperienced teenager, then you need to be prepared!

Here are the five things NOT to put on your resume!

5.  A photo- No matter what other people tell you, putting a photo on a resume is a BAD IDEA.  Professional resumes do not have photos.  Employers DO NOT want to see your photo.  If a job application requires a photo (and is not for an acting or modeling gig) then it is probably not a legitimate job opportunity anyways!!  However, if you are looking to be an actor, here are some good tips on taking great headshots.

4.  Any color- Resumes are white with black type.  No matter what happened in Legally Blonde, you should NOT turn in a pink and scented resume.  Nope, don’t do it!

3. An objective- Many sample job resumes show an objective line. You are 17, your objective is to get the job you are applying for, that’s it!!

2. Typos- A single typo can turn somebody off from your resume. Proofread, proofread, proofread, and spell check alone does not cut it!

1. Slang- I’ve seen resumes with “u” in place of “you” and lol on them. I’m not kidding. A job is an adult opportunity and you need to speak like and adult, not how you would speak to your friends while text messaging or on Facebook!

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