Jobs for 17 Year Olds

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Being 17 is a special time in a young person’s life.  A year away from ‘adult hood’ most 17 year olds are in wrapping up their junior year of high school and looking for a good summer job for teenagers, or have starter their senior year and are looking to make some money on the side.

While we all wish that 17 year olds could focus on their school work and on paying for college, reality often sinks in forcing these teenagers to earn some money, either to help their family through a tough economic time or to save money so that they can pay for college.   With student loan debt recently passing credit card debt as the number one debtor for the average American, Jobs for 17 year olds recognizes now more than ever before that a student saving up and paying for some if not all of college in cash is critical to their future financial freedom.

On top of the financial reasons to get a job, every 17 year old can also benefit from the real-world work experience that being employed provides.  Most teens have spent the majority of if not all of their lives being taken care of by their parents, their teachers, their sports coaches, and other adults in their community.  While education is important, many 17 year olds have experience little outside of the classroom, the sports field (and other extra-curricular activities), and their home life.  Getting a job at the age of seventeen allows them to gain a bit of perspective before heading off on their own for college.  It gives them some much needed resume help too, and even looks good as work experience on their college application. offers a number of articles and resources to help every seventeen year old GET HIRED FAST once they have decided to get a part-time after school job.  Some of our most popular articles include:

Your first job will be an exciting and rewarding experience.  Remember to work hard, save money, be positive and have fun!